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Name: Kirsty
Favorite Busted Song: 3am, it's my favourite song ever, I obsess over it
Favorite Fightstar Song: ooh, erm.. probably Palahniuk's Laughter or Amethyst
How did you first hear about Busted and about Charlie?: when they first released WIGTSF in the UK, back in 2002. I became instantly hooked the first time I heard it ;)
Favorite Song Quote (Busted or Fightstar): "how long does it take to see that we are more than meant to be?" from 3am and "keep all the lights off, and I'll try to kill our past time just to find your heart, please don't ignore me, I'll just fall asleep and wake up when you're gone" from Amethyst
What do you like about Charlie the most?: Everything... totally unoriginal but it's the truth. I think he's the most amazing songwriter, he never fails to make me laugh in interviews and stuff with his randomness, his singing voice is just fantastic, he drums (I have a fetish for drummers lol), and I totally admire and respect the fact that he left Busted, the biggest band in the country, when he wasn't enjoying it anymore to follow his heart cause it took a lot of balls to do that. Oh, and he's also the most beautiful human being walking the face of the planet =P so yeah, basically the man is my idol...
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